Ventilation Fabrication

When the HVAC system you’re designing requires special components and fabrication, you can be confident that Poynter’s fabrication professionals are ready to deliver the quality you need.

Our fabrication team has the practical experience and state-of-the-art technology to handle even the largest and most complex ventilation needs, as well as smaller projects and components. From sophisticated plasma and laser cutters, to specialized equipment for precise fitting, to highly trained welders, we’ll meet your needs with a focus on quality and efficiency.

We can manufacture everything from traditional ductwork to spiral ducting and coil line ducting, along with the fittings needed to ensure a secure connection to your entire system.

Air quality is a critical element of our daily lives, inside the facilities where we work and spend time, as well as in the outdoor environment. Poynter has extensive expertise at making the air in both indoor and outdoor environments cleaner.

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