Solutions for food service companies

Companies in food service – from product manufacturers to individual restaurants – are expected to meet higher standards of cleanliness and quality than most businesses. Poynter understands that, because we’ve been serving all facets of the food industry for decades.

Whether your need is for air filtration and fume control, exhaust systems, or HVAC ductwork, we have the experience and training to serve you. We’ve handled everything from equipping clean rooms for food processors, to ensuring air purity in animal nutrition facilities, to helping restaurants meet code requirements, to setting up efficient kitchens in schools. Food service operations will also appreciate our experience with counter tops, tanks, prep tables, shelving, process piping and specialty stainless fabrication.

Whether our professional team is installing a simple component or a huge, complex system, their attention to quality and detail assures our clients of long-term reliability and efficiency.

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